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Validity of the Passion Revealer

Statistical studies of the Passion Revealer (PR) are ongoing, but the PR has not been psychometrically validated at the current time. To date, the following work has been undertaken in evaluating and enhancing the assessment:

  • The Passion Revealer has been under continuous research and development over the past decade by David C. Borchard, Ed.D., NCC. Dr. Borchard is a licensed professional counselor with over 25 years of professional career counseling experience. His education includes a doctorate in counseling with a sub-specialty in psychological assessment.
  • In the initial stages of development, Dr. Borchard consulted with dozens of counseling and psychology professionals in devising and testing the concepts and content of the PR. To ascertain content validity, an item analysis of the PR was completed in 1991 by a group of 25 professionals selected for their experience in counseling and psychology. These professionals were provided with a description of the six styles of passion and asked to evaluate which conceptual category each individual item of assessment described. Based on this feedback, supplemented with extensive follow-up with the evaluation group, adjustments were made to all items in question.
  • Since completing the initial stages of the research and development, Dr. Borchard has continuously used the assessment in combination with other resources in his counseling and consulting practice. Currently more than 500 adults from a wide variety of cultures (American, European, Latin, Asian, and African), settings (the corporate world, academia, federal government), age ranges (from early 20's into the late 60's), careers (economists, educators, medical practitioners, ministers, etc.), occupational levels (managerial, professional, technical, and administrative support) have completed the assessment in workshops and individual counseling sessions. Feedback from these individuals is being used to enhance the Passion Revealer and the resources that support it.
  • The assessment has been presented to and evaluated by more than four hundred counseling professionals and career practitioners at professional association conventions such as the American Counseling Association, the Middle Atlantic Counseling Association, The John F. Kennedy Summer Career Development Institute, The Association for Career Management Professionals, and the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers. Other counseling professionals using the assessment have been providing evaluation and feedback to Dr. Borchard.
  • A database has been created and is continuously being expanded to provide the basis for future research and development. A statistical study of the data currently available is in progress and the results will be posted in the near future.

Self-Assessment for Mature Adults

The Passion Revealer has been created and developed as a tool for mature adults who are seeking self-understanding and/or career development insight. It is designed to measure the types of interest that are most likely (and least likely) to provide motivation and energy to work, learning, and leisure activities. The Skills Profiler, a supplement to the Passion Revealer, is a quick and easy way of assessing your self-perceived level of competency in the types of skills associated with interests measured by the Passion Revealer.

While the two assessments were originally developed as paper and pencil resources, they have recently been converted into an interactive Internet process because the computer version provides:

  • instantaneous computer-based convenience in taking the assessment
  • computer scoring of your results, saving time and lessening the chance of human arithmetic error.
  • an immediate report of your feedback results--you obtain your report as soon as you finish the instrument.
  • individualized reports geared to your unique profile.
  • a database for ongoing research and development in the interest of continually enhancing the assessment process.

Conceptual Content of the Assessment

The Passion Revealer assessment process is based upon these assumptions:

  • Individuals have unique passion styles in the way that we each possess distinctive fingerprints and DNA codes.
  • For mature adults, two differing aspects of our human nature, brain dominance and energy focus, comprise these passion styles.

Brain dominance refers to the neurological orientation of the human brain expressed in its bi-modal specialization (conscious rational versus unconscious intuitive). This orientation is based on Ned Herrmann's work on the Left and Right brain as described in his book The Creative Brain (Brain Books, Lake Lure: North Carolina, 1988). Dr. Borchard studied with Ned Herrmann and is a certified user of Herrmann's assessment for measuring thinking style orientation-- The Brain Dominance Survey.

The second dimension of the Passion Revealer is based upon Dr. Borchard's observation, over his 25 years of professional counseling work, that individuals tend to concentrate and focus their energy in one of three orientations-- mentally, relationally, and kinesthetically. Mental/Cerebrals are primarily mind oriented, Relational/Interactives are primarily people focused, and Kinesthetics are primarily activity oriented.

These two dimensions are combined to produce six separate styles of passion in this assessment process. Taking the assessments produces a report that graphically depicts both your interest patterns (Passion Revealer) and the skill competencies you have developed (Skills Profiler) within the context of the six styles of passion.

Recommendation & Caution

The PR is designed to be part of an interactive assessment activity to engage individuals in self-understanding and to provide ideas for career and life direction. As such the Passion Revealer is not intended to serve as a "test and tell" device and should not be used as such. The Passion Revealer should be used as a fun way of looking at your motivational energies and obtaining some ideas for work, leisure, and learning options. For career and life decision making, the developer strongly recommends that the Passion Revealer be used in combination with other assessments and under the guidance of a professionally licensed career counselor.

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