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What is the Passion Revealer Assessment?

Your passion style is as distinct as your fingerprints and a DNA code.

Passion is an energy source available to each of us. You tap into it when your core interests and top talents are fully engaged in what you’re doing. But knowing how to tap this wellspring of energy isn’t always easy or apparent. The Passion Revealer Assessment (PRA) is a quick and enjoyable process for helping you identify your distinct energy source. The PRA consists of three separate parts.

The Passion Revealer

This twenty-question assessment engages you in a creative thinking process that profiles the interests that are most likely (and least likely) to energize your life, work, and recreation. (Estimated completion time: 20 minutes)

The Skills Profiler

Completing this part produces a graphic distribution of the skills you have developed and shows how they compare with your core interests. (Estimated completion time: 15 minutes)

The Passion Distributor

Completing this assessment profiles how you are now spending your time, percentage-wise, in six passion styles. Comparing this profile with that of the Passion Revealer provides a clear picture of where to focus your precious time. (Estimated completion time: 5 minutes)


The Passion Revealer Assessment has helped thousands clarify their top talents and core interests and translate them into signature strengths and marketable assets.

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