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Passion Chart The Left and Right Brain

We now know that the two hemispheres of the human brain tend to specialize in different styles of thinking. In general, the left brain specializes in a logical, linear, analytical mode of thinking that is best suited to activities such as fact finding, analyzing data, mathematical computation, and performing technical and procedural tasks. The left brain is the center of objective, dispassionate, computer-like thought processes.

The right brain is the realm of nonlinear, holistic, spontaneous and intuitive thinking. This is the kind of mental process best suited to creative expression and in relating to others with empathetic warmth and intuitive understanding. The right brain is the seat of feelings, subjective thought, mysticism and “heartfelt” spirituality.

For reasons we don’t yet understand, most individuals acquire a preference for either left- or right-brain thinking. While some individuals feel equally comfortable with both left and right brain thinking, they appear to be the exception rather than the rule.

The Passion Revealer assessment is based on the following assumptions:

  • We each have a unique passion style, in the way that we each possess distinct fingerprints and DNA codes.
  • For mature adults, two differing aspects of our human nature compose passion styles—brain dominance and energy focus.

Left/Right Brain Characteristics of the 6 Passion Styles









Primary Orientation

Doing things accurately, task oriented, procedural

Organizational; managing people, events, things; status oriented

Mind, thinking, understanding, questioning, mentally oriented


Mind, Intuition, Creating

Relational, motivating others, people oriented

Doing things well, pleasing others, outer oriented


Structure, order, getting things done

Effectiveness, teamwork, results, profits

Facts and rational process


Ideas, symbols, images, metaphors, mystery, possibility

Personal growth and development, influencing others

Being active, personal performance, performing in roles

Personality Traits

Reserved, frank, unpretentious, technical, task oriented, concrete, unambiguous, definite

Calm/confidence, authoritative presence, controlling, goal/outcome oriented, planner

Rational, critical, detached, logical, objective, abstract, intellectual


Imaginative, intuitive, original, innovative, creative/symbolic, visionary

Warm/caring, feeling, nurturing, empathetic, charismatic, verbal

Kinesthetic, emotive, engaging, personable, energetic

Greatest Dislike

Theory, verbosity, unconventional, idealism, ambiguity

Impracticality, lack of status, impotency, losing control

Lack of factual substance, emotionalism


Conformity, repetition, lack of challenge

Aloofness, lack of involvement, detachment

Aloneness, inactivity lack of attention, impersonal


Are you a left- or right-brain thinker?
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