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Welcome to Vision TRAC
Dave Borchard

Welcome to a place where who you are and who you want to be really matter.

If you're looking for ways to pursue your passion in work, lifestyle, and leadership, you've come to the right place.

Passion is a deep source of energy that makes you feel fully alive. You experience it when you are so engaged in an activity, you lose all sense of time and place. The problem is that finding and identifying your passion may not be so easy.

That's why I developed the Passion Revealer Assessment (PRA), an online resource for discovering and applying your unique style of passion. Over the years I have worked with thousands of clients as a licensed career counselor and certified executive coach. That experience, along with my educational credentials in psychological assessment, made it apparent that something like the PRA could be helpful.

I designed the PRA to be a fun and profound process for identifying and guiding directions for work, lifestyle, and leadership. As such, it has become a key tool in personal and professional development programs used by individuals, businesses, and government agencies.

The choices you make for work, lifestyle, and leadership are too important to waste. We invite you to explore VisionTrac's options for optimal living through the Passion Revealer Assessment, personalized coaching, and other transition resources.

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